Our Story

Leading the Charge in Your Journey of Discovery

1-Charge for the Future

Vision: "Ignite your travel experiences with innovative technology."

Embark on your adventures with Momax, the fusion of innovative design meshed with user-friendly technology. Since our inception in Hong Kong in 2003, we have cultivating a legacy of excellence, creating products that celebrate originality and functionality alike. Our devices are the outcome of rigorous R&D, assuring they stand as dependable travel partners that supercharge your digital living — from the nostalgia of 2G to the thrill of 5G and beyond.

Our passion surpasses mere products; we are invested in a sustainable ethos, championing mobile accessories with international safety certifications and topping industry charts— including the Apple MFi and Samsung SMAPP. With accolades such as the Red Dot Design Award and the Hong Kong Star Brands Award, Momax is not just a brand — it's a commitment to a connected, sustainable journey filled with extraordinary experiences.

Step up to redefine what it means to travel. With Momax, every charge is an opportunity to discover more of the world's wonders, sustainably and in style.

Founder & CEO

Momax was founded by John Cheng, an entrepreneur and a pioneer in innovation, employing advanced technologies to improve everyday experiences.

John was inspired to achieve:

“A future where charging is seamless, convenient, and accessible to all. I believe in the bold idea of ‘1-Charge for the future’, where charging solutions will power not only devices, but empower lives, bridging gaps and transforming experiences through Momax innovative technology and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

- John Cheng

+1.5 Million

Customers Satisfied

Sold in over 50

Countries Worldwide

Established in 2003

Offices Across APAC Region

+5 Billion

Power Energy Saved Since 2003

Always Innovating

Awarded with the prestigious iF Design Award for Airbox Go Capsule

Awarded for integrating innovation and creativity by Mingpao media

Launched Kickstarter campaign to engage directly with online community

First Hong Kong brand to launch Matter-integrated smart home appliances