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Welcome to Momax Worldwide Authenticity Verification System
Please enter the product authenticity verification code:

Hong Kong and Overseas

Mainland China

QR Code Product Authenticity Verification

Through QRcode scanning the verification result will shop up directly. If product authenticity is verified in first-time verification, the following result will be shown:

Your Product Verification Code is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Thank you for your buying original Momax Product.

Verification Success

Repeated Verification

Verification Failure

Phone Verification (Only available for Mainland China)

Please enter the 16-digit code for verification. If product authenticity is verified for the first time, you will receive: "Thank you for buying original MOMAX product."

Verified Successfully

Thank you for purchasing original MOMAX product.

Verified Failed

For any enquiry about counterfeit product, please email
to Thank you doe your application.