Clean-Jug Portable Pressure Car Cleaner



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The three-stage pressurization system and dual channel water flow design offer a strong water pressure and large cleaning surface area. The dual heat dissipation structure supports the strong heat dissipation which makes it safe and reliable. Equipped with a 0-180° rotatable Nozzle, it can meet the needs of multiple cleaning scenarios. The handle design, light body weight and independent battery to clean your car effortlessly.

Three-stage pressurization system | High water pressure, strong water flow and long spraying distance for easy cleaning

Dual-channel water flow design | Equipped with a dual-channel water flow design, which improves the water flow and cleaning efficiency.

Rotatable nozzle | The rotatable nozzle can be adjusted within the range of 0-180 degrees. Ideal for various cleaning scenarios.

Safe and comfortable to use | Double air duct heat dissipation structure, good heat dissipation effect, intelligent frequency modulation dual chip optimizes motor speed and prolongs battery life.

Light body weight | 1.4kg, two-hand handle design, more convenient to use, suitable for long-term use.

24m MFR Warranty

Battery capacity 15000mAh
Charging time 8.5 hours
Charging port USB-C
Charging voltage 5V/2A
Power 145W
Pressure 1.7 MPa or 17 Bar
Effective range 5 meters
Flow 156 l/h
Product size 320x190x85mm
Product weight 1.4kg