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USB-C To USB-A Adaptor Cable (Type-C)

Cable & Data

Elite Link Type-C cables are equipped with 2.1A output, giving fast and efficient charging and syncing for devices.

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Plug: USB-C To USB-A Adaptor
Output: 2.1A
Length: 18cm
Contains: Magic Band



Products supporting USB Type C

USB-C To USB-A Adaptor

This cable helps to connect the USB flash drive, mouse or other USB-A device to your USB-C device.

Magic Band

The Magic Band coming with any one of the Elite Link Type C cables can help to tidy up the messy cables or cords. It is also turned to a smartphone stand by just a twist.

Metallic Fashion

The matte metallic connector reveals the tasteful style. Together with the advanced woven nylon, it is questionably tough and durable.