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SelfiFit Bluetooth Selfie Pod

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While the camera is on, everyone should take the right position! Your face shouldn’t be missed in the camera! SelfiFit is your magic wand, helping you to take photos with miraculous and fascinating effect. Just the compact size, you can freely bring SelfiFit to your travels, wedding, parties, picnics, concerts, sporting events or wherever you go!

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Connection: Bluetooth remote control
Length: 28cm to 90cm

Extendable as Long Arm

Many people come across a trouble when they take selfie — Arm is not long enough to take photos with surrounding view. To solve this problem, SelfiFit can perform your long arm! This 4-section constructed stick can be extended from 28 cm to 90 cm. You can adjust the distance up to you.

Incredible Shots

Being a professional photographer or videographer is NOT a dream! With a swivel head, SelfiFit allows multiple-angle shooting by your wish. Needless to have any technical know-how, you can take unimaginably amazing shots with easy angle adjustment.

Far is Actually Near

With a Bluetooth remote control, the far distance between the camerayou’re your fingers is no longer a matter. Capture the most precious moment and give a quick press, a stunning picture immediately appears under your easy control.