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iPower GO mini External Battery


Inspired by the theme of travel, iPower GO mini resembles a lovely mini suitcase. As small as a palm, this “suitcase” possesses astonishing charging speed and high capacity. The GO-Link USB cable clinging to its “suitcase rod” is a convenient design. “Smart” and “caring” are therefore the bywords for iPower GO mini.

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Capacity: 8400mAh
Input: 5.0V 2A (Max)
Output: 5.0V 2.4A (Max)
Dimension (mm): 101 x 65 x 26
Weight: 193g
Contains: GO-Link Micro USB cable, Instruction manual and Warranty card



Most of the digital devices

Patent 1-Take USB™

This 1-Take USB port is a brand-new outstanding design which enables plugging from any side. Durability is a result of an advantage since it has a design with much lower frequency that a cable meets the connector.

Turbo Charging

Possessing 2.4A USB output and 8400mAh, the size of iPower GO mini is yet smaller than a lady's palm meaning portable enough to be easily stored in any pockets. Turbo charging most digital devices, it is a powerful travel companion on the road for sure.


A micro USB-to-USB cable named GO-Link is a special intimate for iPower GO mini. Small, compact and handy, a string of GO-Link is designed to cling to the “suitcase rod”, making it more convenient and fashionable.