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Elite Link 1-Take Micro USB Cable

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Elite-Link 1-Take Micro USB Cable enables plugging from any side. With the highly efficient pure copper cord, it is a great product designed attentively for users.

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Plug: Micro USB
Output: 2.4A
Length: 1m



Products supporting Micro USB


Magic Band, Instruction manual and Warranty card

1-Take Easy and Flexible

Elite-Link 1-Take Micro USB enables plugging from any side and saves the time on confirming the tiny port direction. It can be done all at once.

2.4A Pure Copper Cord

Equipped with pure copper cord and 2.4A output, the cable can charge and sync data at the same time in a highly efficient way.

Magic Band

The Magic Band coming with any one of the Elite-Link Micro cables can help to tidy up the messy cables or cords. It is also turned to a smartphone stand by just a twist.