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Mini-Cleanse IoT Vacuum Robot IoT 智能掃地機械人IoT 智能扫地机器人IntroductionHow does RO2S work?This model applies Gyro (Gyroscopic) navigation technology, which is able to program the cleaning path, clean and recharge automatically without manual intervention. Mini-Cleanse works with vacuum sweeping. The FreeMove revolutionary patented technology features anti stuck, low failure and capable of passing through narrow spaces and corners up to 28cm. It is different from the traditional sweeper’s detection method that only relies on the front mechanical beam to sense the collision of front obstacles to electronic sensing technology. Mini-Cleanse, the whole body, has a more comprehensive sensing range and higher sensitivity which intelligently prevents the sweeper from being stuck and trapped.簡介RO2S如何工作?本產品採用了陀螺儀(Gyroscopic)導航技術,此技術能夠編程自動清潔及返回底座充電的路徑,無需人手干預。Mini-Cleanse可吸塵掃地使用。 FreeMove專利技術具有防卡困、低故障率,能夠於闊度28cm的狹窄空間內游刃有餘。它不同於傳統的掃地機器人偵測方法,僅依靠前部機械光束來檢測電子傳感技術中前部障礙物的碰撞。Mini-Cleanse具有更全面的感應範圍和更高的靈敏度,可以智能地防止掃地機被卡困。 Before Using1. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network is required.2. Only use the original battery and power adapter of the product for charging. Using other un-matched adapter may cause electric shock, fire or product damage.3. This appliance is not intended for use by person (including children) with reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.4. This appliance contains batteries that are non-replaceable.5. Make sure the dust bin, dust bin filter, side brushes, etc. are properly installed.6. Do not use this product in wet or moist environment.7. Collect the floor environment (e.g. remove all the fragile objects, cords, clothing, loose cables, as well as making sure curtains and drapes off the floor to avoid any possible accidents).8. To avoid tripping, inform all the people in the house when this product is in use.9. Do not sit on top of this product or attach an object on the top of it.Beware of children or pets while the product is in operation.10. Only use the product indoors, do not use it in outdoor.11. Do not let this product get close to or clean cigarette or any flammables.12. Do not clean this product while recharging.13. Do not over-bend the power cord or pressure the cord with heavy or sharp objects.14. Do not place this product where it is easy to drop off (e.g. tables, chairs, stairs, etc.)15. Turn OFF the power switch when the product is not in use for several days.16. Remove the plug from the socket outlet before maintenance.使用之前1. 需要2.4GHz Wi-Fi網絡。2. 請使用產品的原裝電池和電源適配器進行充電。使用其他不匹配的適配器可能會導致電擊、火災或產品損壞。3. 本設備不適用於任何身體感覺或精神能力較弱或缺乏經驗和知識的人(包括兒童)使用。為了他們的安全,除非得到有關清楚使用設備的負責人監督或指導,方可使用。兒童應該受督導以確保他們不會胡亂使用設備。4. 本設備包含不可更換的電池。5. 確保正確安裝垃圾箱,垃圾箱濾網、滾動刷、邊刷等。6. 請勿在潮濕環境中使用本產品。7. 先收集地面環境的物件(例如,清除所有易碎物件、電線、衣服、鬆散的電線等,並確保窗簾離開地板,以免發生任何意外)。8. 為避免絆倒,請在使用本產品前,通知屋內所有人員。9. 請勿坐在本產品上或在上面放置物品。在產品運行期間要當心兒童或寵物。10. 僅在室內使用本產品,請勿在室外使用。11. 請勿讓本產品靠近或清潔香煙或任何易燃物。12. 請勿在充電時清潔本產品。13. 請勿過度彎曲電源線或用重物或尖銳物品壓迫電源線。14. 請勿將本產品放置在容易掉落的地方(例如桌子、椅子、樓梯等)。15. 如不使用產品幾天至更長時間,請斷開電源連接。16. 維護前,請斷開電源連接。 Tidy up the area to be cleaned by putting furniture, such as chairs, in their proper place.將家具(例如椅子)放在適當的位置,整理要清潔的區域。It may be necessary to place a physical barrier at the edge of a drop to stop the unit from falling over the edge. 有需要可於邊緣位置擺放物理屏障,以防止設備在邊緣掉落。Put away objects including wires, clothes and slippers, etc. on the floor to improve the cleaning efficiency.將地板上的物品移走包括電線、衣服和拖鞋等,以提高清潔效率。Before using the product on a rug with tasseled edges, please fold the rug edges beneath.在帶有流蘇邊緣的地毯上使用產品之前,請先將地毯邊緣折疊在下面。Please do not stand in narrow spaces, such as hallways, and make sure not to block the robot.請不要站在狹窄的空間(如走廊),並確保不要擋住掃地機器人。 Quick Start Guide1. Remove protective materials.2. Connect the power cord to the charging dock.3. Place the charging base against the wall. Then plug the power adapter firmly into the power outlet. Ensure the power outlet is easily accessible for disconnecting.4. Open top cover, turn on the power switch (O=OFF, I=ON). 5. The charging indicator light will be ON in blue, indicating the charging dock is connected to the power and charging 4-5hours.Note:• Ensure a space of above 0.5m on both sides of the charging base and a space of above 1.5m on the front.• If the power cord is placed on the ground, it may be dragged by the vacuum robot and consequently the charging dock may be powered off.6. Installation of side brushThe side brushes place on the bottom, then push to lock in place. You will hear a ‘dak’ sound when side brushed are installed properly.7. Download ‘MOMAX Smart’ APPDownload “MOMAX Smart” from iOS App Store, Android Google Play Store or other platforms. Enable Wi-Fi connection on your device.Note: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network is required.8. RegisterRegister an account and log in using your mobile number or email address.  The Home page of all connected devices.  To set scenarios or conditions and respective actions of the new smart device.  Profile management, FAQ, setting, etc.9. Wi-Fi pairingPress & hold the “ “ button on the vacuum robot for 3 secs until you hear an indicator sound to start pairing the vacuum robot to the App. You will see the “ “ button blinking in blue. Tap “Confirm indicator rapidly blink”. Then, tap ‘Next’ to proceed.10. Add DeviceTap “+”, then tap “MOMAX Smart Mini-Cleanse” to add device.* Browse to watch the quick start tutorial.11. Connect to the Internet Wi-FiSelect a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi Password. Then tap ‘Confirm’ to start connecting.12. Successfully connectedOnce the connection is completed, you can edit the name. Tap ‘Done’ to confirm.The app will automatically match the device. After the match is found, you can edit the name of the device.Tips: The device name should be identifiable and easy to pronounce (voice control).快速入門指南1. 移取保護物料。2. 將電源線連接到充電座。3. 將充電基座靠在牆邊。然後將電源適配器牢固插入電源插座。請確保電源插座是在易於拔出的位置。4. 打開上蓋,開啟電源開關 (O=關閉, I=開啟)。5. 充電指示燈將呈藍色亮起,表示充電座已連接電源並充電約 4-5小時。注意:• 確保充電底座兩側的空間大於0.5米,前方距離大於1.5米。• 如果將電源線放在地面上,機器人經過時可能會將其拖拉,因而斷開充電底座的電源。6. 安裝邊刷確保邊刷已安裝在底部位置,將邊刷向下推入可固定安裝。正確安裝時,您會聽到“噠”一聲。7. 下載“MOMAX Smart”應用程式在iOS或Android或任何平台上搜索“MOMAX Smart”應用程式。在設備上開用Wi-Fi連接。注意:需要2.4GHz Wi-Fi網絡。8. 註冊註冊一個帳戶,然後使用您的手機號碼或電子郵件地址登錄。 主頁顯示已連接的所有設備。 可設定智能設備特定條件下、執行指定操作。  個人資料管理,常見問題解答,設置等 。9. WiFi 配網按住“ ”鍵約3秒直到聽到“滴”一聲提示音後鬆開。“ ”指示燈將閃爍藍色時,請在MOMAX Smart應用程式上點擊“確認指示燈快閃”以繼續。10. 添加設備點擊“ +”,然後點擊“ MOMAX Smart Mini-Cleanse”添加設備。*瀏覽helpdesk.momaxsmart.com觀看快速入門教程。11. 連接到互聯網Wi-Fi選擇一個2.4 GHz Wi-Fi網絡,然後輸入Wi-Fi密碼。 然後點擊“確認”開始連接。12.成功連接連接完成後。 您可以編輯名稱。 點按“完成”確認。應用程序將自動與設備配對。配對後,您可以編輯設備的名稱。提示:設備名稱應易於識別且易於發音(語音控制)。 Remote Control PageAfter Wi-Fi connection, you will be prompted with the following page which allows you to• Turn ON & OFF or PAUSE cleaning• Choose cleaning modes• Choose manual cleaning: Manual control the direction to clean a specific area. (When turning left or right, the robot will drive the direction of rotation using a single wheel.)• ‘Go back to base’: The vacuum robot will return to the recharging dock• Edit the product name應用程式控制頁面Wi-Fi連接後,系統會提示您以下頁面,您可以通過該頁面進行以下操作:•打開和關閉或待機模式•選擇清潔模式•選擇手動模式:手動控制清潔具體區域的方向(向左或向右轉時,機器人將驅動方向單輪旋轉)。•“回充模式”:掃地機器人將返回充電站•編輯產品名稱On the settings page,• Suction power: Low, Mid, High• Seek Robot: You will hear a notice voice from the vacuum robot to help you find its location.• Timer: You can schedule the cleaning time so that the vacuum robot will automatically do its jobs accordingly.• Cleaning record: *Over 7mins and back to recharging dock (upload Virtual Mapping record)Mode Mapping Record Cleaning RecordAuto O ORandom X OWall Follow X OSpiral X XManual X X在設置頁面上•吸力:低、中、高•尋求機器:您將聽到來自掃地機器人的通知聲音,以幫助您找到它的位置。•定時:您可以安排清潔時間,以便掃地機器人可以自動執行相應的工作。•清潔記錄:*超過7分鐘,然後返回充電站(上傳虛擬地圖記錄)模式 虛擬地圖記錄 清潔記錄自動模式 O O隨機模式 X O沿邊模式 X O螺旋模式 X X手動模式 X XSmart Home Ecology SystemAdding multiple devices in interactive smart mode.Voice ControlThis smart device supports voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other China platform, etc.) To connect with these platforms, please refer to the App>More Services>Voice Service. Voice commands of each platform may vary, please refer to the relevant user manual.Turn on/off vacuum robot.Set vacuum robot to auto/random/wall follow/spiral mode.12智能家居生態系統添加多個設備的互動智能模式語音控制此智能設備支持使用Amazon Alexa和Google Assistant以及中國內地其他平台進行語音控制。要連接這些平台,請參閱App>更多服務>語音服務。每個平台的語音指令可能略有所差異,請參閱相關的用戶手冊。開啟/關閉掃地機器人。將掃地機器人設置為自動/隨機/沿邊/螺旋模式。Product Overview RobotTop CoverStart/ Pause Button & Indicator LightInfrared Anti-Collision Sensors產品概覽 機身上蓋開啟/ 暫停電源鍵及指示燈紅外線防撞傳感器Indicator LightBlue Normal operationBlue/Pink (Flashes) ChargingRed Abnormal condition or low batteryBlue (blinking) Ready for WiFi pairingRed (Flashes) orglows a continuous Red Problem found指示燈藍色 正常運作中藍色/ 粉紅色(亮起) 充電中紅色 操作異常或低電量藍色 (閃爍) 準備好與WiFi 連接紅色/ 持續亮起紅色 找到問題TopPower Switch Dust binDust BinHigh Efficiency FilterFinger Notch ButtonFilter Net頂部電源開關垃圾箱垃圾箱高效能濾芯缺口位置濾網 BottomUniversal WheelAnti-Drop SensorsSide BrushesCharging ContactsDriving WheelsSuction PortDocking StationMulti-function Cleaning ToolInfrared Signal EmitterCharging ContactsPower indicator light Power adapter Port底部萬向輪防跌傳感器 邊刷充電接觸點驅動輪吸嘴充電底座多功能清潔掃紅外線傳感器充電觸點電源指示燈電源適配器口Alarm SoundsGlowing A Solid RedCause of issue Error prompts SolutionsDriving wheel malfunction 1 Beep sounds 3 times Check driving wheel for tangled hair or debris and clean as described in section 3 maintenance.Side brush malfunction 2 Beep sounds3 times Check side brushes for tangled hair or debris and clean as described in section 3 maintenance.Vacuum fan not working normally 3 Beep sounds3 times Vacuum fan does not work normally. Remove the dirt in the dust bin and clean the vacuum inlet.No dust bin 5 Beep sounds3 times Please install the dust bin.警報聲長亮紅色指示燈問題原因 錯誤提示音 解決方法驅動輪不能運作 1 嗶聲 3次 檢查驅動輪是否被頭髮或雜物纏結並按照第3節維護中的說明進行清潔。邊刷不能運作 2 嗶聲 3次 檢查邊刷是否被頭髮或雜物纏結並按照第3節維護中的說明進行清潔。吸嘴無法正常工作 3 嗶聲 3次 吸嘴無法正常工作。請清除垃圾箱中的灰塵並清潔吸嘴。沒有垃圾箱 5 嗶聲 3次 請裝上垃圾箱。 Flashing RedCause of issue Error prompts SolutionsFloor sensoralarms 2 Beep sounds 3 times The robot is no longer in contact with the floor. Put it back onto the floor.The robot issuspended orbeing stuck 3 Beep sounds3 times Place the robot on an even surface, or remove the obstacles, and restart the robot.Low Battery 4 Beep sounds3 times Manually place the robot on the charging dock to charge.Chargingadapter notworking normally 5 Beep sounds3 times The charging voltage is abnormal. Clean the charging contacts of the docking station and robot, and make sure that you are using the original adapter.Charging error 6 Beep sounds3 times There is an error in charging.Check if the power switch is turned on.閃爍紅色指示燈問題原因 錯誤提示音 解決方法地板感應器警報 2 嗶聲 3次 機器人不再與地板接觸。請放回地板上。機器人暫停運作或被卡住 3 嗶聲 3次 將機器人放在平面或清除障礙物,然後重新啟動機器人。低電量 4 嗶聲 3次 請手動將機器人放回充電底座充電。電源適配器不能正常操作 5 嗶聲 3次 充電電壓顯示不正常。清潔充電底座和機器人的充電觸點,並確保您使用的是原版電源適配器。充電發生錯誤 6 嗶聲 3次 充電時有發生錯誤。檢查電源開關是否已打開。Operating Instructions1. Auto mode: The robot will switch between routed planning cleaning modes automatically.2. Random mode: The vacuum robot will travel to new areas. (Recommended for carpet)3. Wall follow mode: The robot will follow walls to clean corners and edges.4. Spiral mode: The vacuum robot will circle around to clean open floor space (1.5m x 1.5m). It is designated to clean heavily soiled area.5. Manual mode: Control by manual.6. Home: Back to recharging dock.操作說明1)自動模式:機器人將自動在所有模式之間切換2)隨機模式:真空機器人將移動到新區域。3)沿邊模式:機器人將跟隨牆壁清潔角落和邊緣4)螺旋模式:機器人將繞圈清潔(1.5m x 1.5m)空間。 用於清潔較多碎屑污垢的區域。5) 手動模式:您可以手動設定機器人。6) 回充模式:掃地機器人將返回充電底座。Maintenance Ensure the machine is unplugged before maintenance. 保養保養前,請確保拔除電源插頭。Robot Part 機器人 Maintenance Frequency保養頻率 Replacement Frequency更換頻率Side brush 邊刷 Once every 2 weeks每兩星期一次 Every 3-6 months每3-6個月High efficiency filter高效能濾芯 Once per week每星期一次 Every 3-6 months每3-6個月Universal wheel 萬向輪Anti-drop Sensors 防跌傳感器infrared anti-collision 紅外線防撞傳感器Docking Station Contacts 充電底座充電觸點 Once per week每星期一次 /1. Cleaning Side BrushesA. Check sides brushes to see whether they are damaged or any dust stuck on the brushes.B. Clean the side brushes by tool or cloth.C. Replace the side brushes if they are damaged. (Carefully pull brush to remove).1. 清潔邊刷A. 檢查邊刷,看它們是否損壞或灰塵是否粘在刷上B. 用工具或布清潔邊刷。C. 如果邊刷已損壞,請更換。(小心拔出刷子)2. Cleaning Surface, Sensors And Charging ContactsA. Use a lightly moistened soft cloth with glass cleanser to clean the glass plate of the vacuum robot and neutral cleanser to clean the recharging dock and the unit.Note: Do not wash the vacuum robot directly.B. Clean all sensors, including charging contacts on the dock with a cleaning tool or a soft dry cloth monthly.2. 清潔表面,傳感器和充電觸點A. 使用有玻璃清潔劑的軟布輕輕清潔機器人的玻璃表面,並使用中性清潔劑清潔充電底座和設備。注意:請勿直接清洗真空機器人。B. 每月定期用清潔工具或柔軟的乾布清潔所有傳感器,包括充電底座上的充電觸點。3. Cleaning Dust Bin & FilterA. Empty the dust bin after use.B. Press the finger notch button and pull out the dust bin.C. Take out filter.D. Empty the dust bin.E. Wash dust bin and filters under tap water.F. Install HEPA and sponge filter into the dust bin after it is dry, and then install it into the host.Note:• After taking out the dust bin, check whether there is dust stuck in dust passage and clean it.3. 清潔垃圾箱和過濾器A. 使用後清空垃圾箱B. 手指按住缺口位置拉出垃圾箱C. 取出HEPA 濾網和海綿濾網D. 清空垃圾箱E. 清水清洗垃圾箱和濾網F. 待乾燥後,將HEPA和海綿濾網安裝到垃圾箱內,然後將垃圾箱安裝回主機中。注意:• 取出垃圾箱後,檢查通道中是否殘留灰塵並進行清潔。• 使用15-30天後,請沖洗HEPA濾網。建議6-8個月左右更換HEPA濾網。• 沖洗HEPA和海綿濾網後,在通風環境乾燥後,再重新安裝。Problem Shooting疑難排解問題 可能性原因及方法機器人不能運作。 - 如果電池電量不足,請將機器人放在充電座上,並確保對準充電觸點。 機器人的指示燈將亮藍色呼吸燈,表示正在充電。- 操作溫度不應低於0℃或高於50℃。機器人無法充電。 - 請檢查充電底座的指示燈是否亮。- 確保電源適配器和充電底座的兩端接觸良好。- 機器人離充電底座太遠,請將機器人靠近充電底座,然後再試一次。功能異常。 - 關閉並重新啟動機器人使用中出現異常噪音。 - 主刷,邊刷或驅動輪可能被異物纏繞,請關閉機器人並清除異物。清潔能力下降或灰塵掉落。 - 垃圾箱可能已滿。- 濾網可能被阻塞。- 主刷可能被異物纏繞。WiFi無法連接。 - 確保選擇2.4Gz Wi-Fi網絡- 在進行Wi-Fi配對之前,請確保機器人的粉紅色指示燈閃爍。預設的清潔模式沒有執行。 - 如果電池電量不足30%,則不能執行預設的清潔模式。提示音 可能的原因和解決方案“Oh dear! I cannot find the dust collector.” 垃圾被取出,中斷了清潔。 請確保垃圾已正確安裝。“Please place me in a new location and try again.” 拿起機器人並重新啟動。“Please scrub the cliff sensor/front sensor/right-hand sensor/bumper, and restart me from a new location.” 傳感器故障。 清潔傳感器並檢查其是否被異物覆蓋。“Master, please clean the dust container and filter.” 垃圾箱已滿。 清空垃圾箱並清潔灰塵通道。“Dust container has be removed, please clean the container and filter.” 垃圾箱被取出時的提醒。“I’m stuck, please help me!” 拿起機器人,檢查是否有障礙物。 如有必要,清除雜物。“Please place me correctly.” 機器人是傾斜的。“Please check if my wheels have become blocked somewhere.” 檢查兩個驅動輪,看它們是否卡住或纏繞。“Please check if the main brush/side brushes have become stuck.” 檢查每個刷子並清除異物或雜物。“What’s going on? Where is the docking station?” 確保電源指示燈亮起的情況下,將充電底座連接到電源插座。機器人可能超出連接範圍。 將機器人放在充電底座附近,並檢查其是否能夠返回充電底座。“On dear! Program error, please restart me.” 重新啟動機器人。“Error encountered initiating shutdown.” 發生錯誤,機器人自動關閉。例子:1. 電池電量耗盡2. 機器人不在充電座上。3. 機器人未對準充電底座的觸點。“Low battery, please recharge.” 電池電量低於10%時,機器人不在充電底座上。“To shut me down, please place me away from the docking station.” 如果要關閉機器人,則必須將機器人遠離充電底座。 Specification 產品規格(Reference to packaging)Contains1. Mini-Cleanse IoT Vacuum Robot2. Recharging Dock3. Side Brush (4 pcs)4. H11 HEPA Filter5. Instruction Manual And Warranty Card包裝內容1. Mini-Cleanse IoT智能紫掃地機械人/ 機器人2. 充電底座3. 邊刷 (4個)4. H11 HEPA濾網5. 使用說明書及保用證