MOMAX won the "Smart Living Award 2022" by Ming Pao

MOMAX won the "Smart Living Award 2022" by Ming Pao. The purpose of this award is to commend enterprises and institutions for integrating innovation and creativity into their lives under the development of the new generation. It is the corporate philosophy that MOMAX has developed since 2004.
Mr Cheng Tung Sung, CEO of MOMAX, said: "MOMAX is positioned as a smart, fashionable and high-end brand, with the concept of "integrating technology into life", from product design, marketing to sales operations, using creative thinking to improve user experience. The main products in the past are mobile accessories to IoT products, hoping to improve the quality of customers' lives and bring a new smart home experience!"
MOMAX has always taken technology into life as its corporate development concept. Over the years, MOMAX has been committed to expanding its product line and introducing new services and products. The purpose is to provide consumers with better and more convenient daily needs and improve their quality of life. Environmental protection and energy-saving development spirit, contribute to social energy saving!
In the future, MOMAX will actively explore every corner of the world with high-quality and healthy products combined with creative design. Promote the accelerated development of smart cities and continue to work hard to add functionality to modern life and to create a better future!

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