In the face of the severe epidemic, the social atmosphere is downhearted. As an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, I am to uphold the spirit of people, I hope to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups and frontline staff in the fight against the epidemic, solve the urgent needs of those in need, and show care for the community.  
To give full play to the spirit of mutual help and love in the community, a “MOMAX Volunteer Team” was specially set up and led to participate in various volunteer activities. Hope the team can experience the satisfaction and happiness of "It is more blessed to give than receive”.  
In the fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong, many people in the industry are shouldering heavy responsibilities. We thank you for your selfless efforts and contributions. Sending our deepest gratitude and anti-epidemic devices to protect their health and safety.
MOMAX understands the urgent needs of all walks of life, deploying the "Anti-epidemic" plan, and personally donating several "Pure Portable UV-C Purifiers", "Ultra-Air Plus IoT UV Hot & Cool Purifying Fan" and "Pure Go ION Air Purifier", "Smart Heat IoT Fan Heater", and "Smartphone", hoping to make front-line service and personnel feel the love in the world in adversity.
Beneficiary Organizations:
San Tin Mobile Cabin Hospital 
Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong  
H.K.S.K.H. Lok Man Alice Kwok Integrated Service Centre
Fu Hong Society
Wah Hong Hostel
Shun Lee Home for the Elderly
Cheung Fat Home for the Elderly
Chin Wah Day Care Centre for the Elderly
Day Care Centre for the Elderly (Sham Shui Po)
Healthy Hong Kong - HHK Chinese Medicine Center
Diamond Cab (Hong Kong) Ltd
Red Taxi and Green Taxi
Thanks again to the “MOMAX Volunteer Team” for their efforts, providing support and assistance to society, and creating common concepts and values with the company. MOMAX will also continue to invest in anti-epidemic charity actions by extending a helping hand to help more people in need to tide over the difficulties.

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