momax 榮獲香港設計師協會頒授《年度最佳品牌大獎》

Hong Kong Designers Association < The Best Brand Design Award 2023> - " Award of The Year “

Momax is honored to be nominated to participate in the . After strict professional review, it was finally unanimously recognized. Received the highest honor of the"Best Brand Award"from the Hong Kong Designers Association.

Thanks to the Hong Kong Designers Association for the affirmation, the Best Brand Design Competition provides a professional platform for momax to demonstrate the innovative design capabilities of personal consumer electronics brands and products to the industry, proving that momax is professional in branding, covering trademarks, products, packaging and advertising Excellence in design, digital marketing and more.

Momax thanks users for their love and trust in the brand! momax has been quietly working in personal electronic consumer products for more than 20 years. Continuous innovation is the gene of momax. It is always researching how to solve problems for users through creative industrial design and bring better experience and convenience.
momax Smart smart home IoT products are designed to meet the needs of smart cities around the world. The products automatically adjust household electricity consumption, truly achieve effective energy saving and environmental protection, and reduce energy consumption. The product is simple and easy to use, safe and reliable in quality, remote control and diversified advantages, it is an ideal choice for modern home intelligence and meets different needs in life.

Finally, thank the team for their hard work and persistence! We believe in design, empowering products through excellent design, we believe in brands, through excellent brands can bring consumers high-quality life enjoyment, we believe that the momax team will continue to work hard, give full play to Hong Kong's innovative and creative spirit, and pursue brand and design Dedicated to creating value for society and bringing a better life to users!

momax team

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