ONELINK Active Capacitive Stylus for iPad (B-Duck Series)



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The tip of ONELINK can change the thickness of the line when held diagonally. Anti-palm function, the palm can be placed on the iPad naturally to enjoy smoother drawing and writing.

1. One-click startup, convenient and fast, just click on the top of the pen to turn on/off

2. Oblique grip dynamic support, change the thickness of the line

3. 1.5mm thin pen tip for precise drawing and writing

4. Anti-palm function, no need to worry about disturbing the position or sensitivity of drawing and writing

5. The flat part can be magnetically attached to the right side of the iPad Pro or placed on the table to prevent it from slipping off

6. Built-in 130mAh battery, up to 10 hours of use time

7. Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of inactivity, extending the use time

Dimensions 9 x 167 x1.5mm (pen point)
Weight 13.5 ± 2g