MoVe Universal Car Mount



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A high-quality phone holder designed for car drivers. It is made of high-strength plastic and silicone materials, which are sturdy, durable, and flexible, and can protect the phone from damage. In addition, the holder is designed with anti-vibration technology, which can reduce vibration during driving, making the phone more stable and safe.

Suction cup design | Can be easily fixed on any smooth surface, and can be quickly installed and removed

Strong suction, stable base | Press the closed pressure switch, the suction is firm and will not fall off

Extendable arm | The support panel can meet the needs of most phones on the market, convenient and practical

Rotatable design | Can be adjusted 360 degrees to the best viewing angle, convenient for drivers to use

Unobstructed charging | The bottom of the holder is equipped with a charging port, which is convenient for you to charge your phone while driving, so that you can keep your phone charged at all times.

Dimensions 117*70*56mm
materials ABS+PC
Accessories Assistive pads, user manual, warranty card