Pure go Negative Ion Antibacterial Air Purifier



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  • Product Overview
  • Specifications

360 full-effect filter element | combined with H11 HEPA and activated carbon

Release 20 million negative ions per second

Lightweight, cylindrical design, does not take up space

Touch-free gesture trigger switch/windspeed, convenient and easy to use

Clear temperature, humidity, air quality instructions


TVOC total volatile organic compound detection, color indicates air quality

Absorb formaldehyde, PM2.5, smoke smell, fine allergens, etc.

Only need to connect to a general 5V USB, plug and play

Aluminum metal space gray shell, simple style

Effective area: 8 cubic meters of indoor space

In the car, office, desk

Quiet operation (<39dB)

Filter element life about 300 times
Lifespan of anion making machine about5000 hours
Size/weight (diameter) 66x (height)180mm/310g
Color Space Gray
Warranty MOMAX HK 1 year Hong Kong licensed warranty