Fresh 360 Max Magic Dehumidifier Refill (For AP12) AP13LX


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An efficient and environmentally friendly dehumidifier. The dehumidifying stick is small and convenient to place in different corners of the home. With the base, the hygroscopic beads can be dried in a short time for recycling.

Suitable for various moisture absorption purposes in home life

Simple design | easy to integrate into your home environment

Wide range of applications | Can be placed in wardrobes, shoe cabinets or lockers and other places

Drying with the base | No power consumption when dehumidifying

Eco-friendly design | Reusable absorbent sticks greatly reduce waste generation

Ultra-Long Life | Moisture sticks have been tested for more than 300 uses

Dehumidifying bead status can be viewed through a transparent semi-circular window | Orange bead = dry; green bead = saturated

High absorbent efficiency | Up to 65ml of absorbent capacity per cycle

Dimensions 70 x 70 x 196mm (Dehumidifying Stick)
Weight 765g ± 20g (including drying base)
Color White