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Selfie mini Bluetooth Selfie Pod

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Encountering you in the vast sea of people is the most beautiful accident. I would capture this stunning moment, putting you and me into an eternal frame.

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Connection: Bluetooth remote control
Length: 16cm to 46cm


Extendable as Long Arm

Many people come across a trouble when they take selfie — Arm is not long enough to take photos with surrounding view. To solve this problem, Selfie mini can perform your long arm! It can be extended from 16 cm to 46 cm. You can adjust the distance up to you.

Bluetooth shutter

With MOMAX Bluetooth Shutter, you can use take pictures or videos from a distance of 10 meters. It is convenient.

Incredible Shots

Being a professional photographer or videographer is NOT a dream! With a swivel head, Selfie mini allows multiple-angle shooting by your wish. Needless to have any technical know-how, you can take unimaginably amazing shots with easy angle adjustment.