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Selfie Easy Selfie Pod

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“Cheese!”. With Selfie Easy on your hand, you can capture the most spectacular photos with your friends in just 1 plug and 1 click! It is the simplest way of taking selfie. Not a single joyful moment will be missed in such easy and quick setting!

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Connection: Connecting cable
Length: 29 to 92 cm


Extendable as Long Arm

Your arm is not long enough to take photos with surrounding view? Selfie Easy can perform your long arm! This 4-section constructed stick can be extended from 29 cm to 92 cm. You can adjust the distance up to you.


With 1 plug from the cable to your smartphone and 1 quick press on the button, a stunning picture immediately appears under your easy control. It helps you capturing the most precious moments.

Incredible Shots

Being a professional photographer or videographer is NOT a dream! With a swivel head, Selfie Easy allows multiple-angle shooting by your wish. Needless to have any technical know-how, you can take unimaginably amazing shots with easy angle adjustment!